TIERRA DE DIOSES (LAND OF GODS) are artisan wines made by Pablo Martorell, Chief winemaker at The Vines of Mendoza and GimenezRiili winery. Born and raised in Vista Flores, Tunuyán, Mendoza, Pablo is a loyal devotee and defender of his landwhich he only left behind to study and specialize in winemaking.

Today, he is one of the few winemakers that live and work in his place of birth, becoming an advantage at the moment of making unique Uco Valley wines and managing the admirable terroir.

Pablo has served at the most prestigious wineries in Mendoza and has also participated in harvests in different regions of France and in the Napa Valley.

Throughout his career, his wines have received high scores from Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, and Wine Enthusiast. Distinguished, proficient, talented, but above all, humble and gentle, are some of the attributes that make Pablo a beloved and respected professional.

Though pleased with his accomplishments, Pablo had unfinished business with the man who had guided his first steps in the art of winemaking and who had awaken in him the love and passion for this profession: his cherished grandfather, Eugenio. Bald, deep-blue eyed, Italian by birth and Argentine by choice, Eugenio emigrated from Camerano, Ancona, Italy, to La Consultain Mendoza. Like many others, the 14-year old boy and his family, ran away from the Second World War. From a very young age, Eugenio helped his father work a small vineyard as a concessionaire. The family was able to purchase the little piece of land and looked after it for the rest of their lives with love and devotion.

When just a boy, Pablo used to join him in his long walks tolistento his incredible stories. He also loved to watch him work at the old adobe shed where he made wine.

Many years have passed since his death and Pablo misses him dearly, but the love he felt for him is still intact in his heart.This is why, he has decided to honor his grandfather with his very own wine, dedicated exclusively to him, to his childhood and the anecdotes of his beloved Italy, which he never got to see again. These wines pay tribute to his teachings and, above all, the passion and respect he showed for the land; the land he so carefully and dearly worked as if it had been a LAND OF GODS –TIERRA DE DIOSES